SCRE4M Review.

Just my thoughts on Scream 4. There won’t be any big spoilers but I may speak about the general plot a lot as I’m just speaking about my thoughts on the film not micro features and stuff.

First of all, I really liked it and for a 4th film in a franchise it’s brilliant. However, the film, for me wasn’t scary at all, it didn’t offer many jumpy moments and the ones it did only caught me when I was reaching for my popcorn and the sudden dramatic music caught me by surprise. But, to be honest with you, I didn’t find the first 3 scary at all really and I don’t love Scream as a horror film, I love Scream as a homage.

Of course, in the film there is a very fine line between whether the film is purposely taking the mick of itself, does Wes Craven want the film to be taken seriously at all?

The people who I’ve heard say it’s amazing or that it’s better than the first etc. didn’t solve it. I, on the other hand became very suspicious of 4 characters and as the film went on I was certain of one and torn between two others, because I was convinced there were two killers. 

The fact that I figured it out makes me wonder if there was any need to make this film in the first place, ‘The unexpected is the new cliché’ with that said, the twist isn’t a twist at all, but pointed out right in the beginning. 

This all said, I love Scream because I grew up with it, nope, my parents are good parents, I just think our generation has been desensitised to the world of horror and like Scream 4 so obviously puts out, modern horror audiences are into ‘torture porn’, which for me are just stupid and further tarnish the reputation of horror films. 

DON’T WATCH SCREAM 4 IF you’re not a fan of the first 3 Scream’s or if you think you’re a know it all film buff. 

DO WATCH SCREAM 4 IF you love the 3 films previously, if you grew up watching the films, if you love cross-referencing and other horror films.

Scream 4 was never going to match the first one because Wes Craven realised there was nothing new to be done with Slasher films and created one that was a homage and what became a new adventure. Scream 4 beats Scream 3 and possibly Scream 2 but overall, I think I liked the idea of Scream 4 (with the cast, and the return to the franchise) more than I did the actual film. 

But still, I give it 8/10. Because I love films like Scream and for a fan, it’s a hell of a ride.

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